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6/22(月)から1週間、虎ノ門にあるTHE CORE KITCHEN/SPACEにてエッセンシャルワーカーの方々へ感謝と敬意を伝える作品を展示させて頂きました。









Special Thanks



THE CORE KITCHEN/SPACETypography : Teppei Takahashi

資材提供: Nuries 

ディレクター: 柴田さやか


I’m exhibiting an art work to express my appreciation and respect to the essential workers at THE CORE KITCHEN/SPACE in Toranomon until June 22 Monday.



Like a magician in white gloves that makes the impossible possible, I painted a piece of work that shows appreciation and respect to the essential workers who wear gloves and support people's lives even under the harsh conditions of this current pandemic.  Their professional appearance is depicted on the playing cards.



As the coronavirus spreads and society faces unprecedented situations, we are living safely everyday thanks to all the efforts essential workers make.

However I feel that we are less showing our appreciation and respect to them in Japan. And I've spent these three months feeling worthless that I’m not expressing too.

This project was realized thanks to the people who agreed with my pure motive, "I just want to paint to say Thank you.”

I don't know how many people will see this art work in a short period of one week, but I hope that this message will spread.

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